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Index Information Technologies Ltd an expert company specialized is structured content creation. The company has an exhaustive competence and proven know-how in developing demanding documentation and publishing systems and utilizing knowledge management in streamlining business processes. Index IT is committed to a long-term co-operation with its customers. Index IT devotes its knowledge, skills, experience and the best tools available to projects collaborating closely with its customers.

Oliver Kauppila


Martti Poutanen


Manu Ojanen

Application developer

Tuula Silfver

Trainer & software tester


Antenna House is a leader in PDF document formatting and conversion with enterprise tools for paged content delivery worldwide. Clients use Antenna House Formatter to automate producing high-quality PDF publications from XML or HTML. Based on the W3C recommendations for XSL-FO and CSS, this powerful Antenna House software can format documents in over 70 languages for many industries, including financial services, aerospace/defense, government, automotive, telecommunications, and healthcare.

Oxygen XML Web Author is a web-based solution for editing and reviewing XML content across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. It allows you to collaborate with other members of your team, to contribute, and modify content from anywhere, the only requirement being a modern browser. Furthermore, the adaptive and innovative user interface is designed to allow all-level users to get into structured authoring in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Fonto is the online XML editor, designed for people with no knowledge of XML or any other technology that comes with structured content authoring. With Fonto, structured content authoring is made easy: we let subject matter experts create, edit and review mission-critical documents. Flawless, fast, and efficient.