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  • Sähköinfo Oy

    Sähköinfo Oy produces the D1 manual for electrical installations in buildings in the Indox cloud service. The book contains plenty of instructions supplementing and illustrating official regulations and standards in the field. Sähköinfo produces an e-book and a PDF suitable for printing from one structured material. "The e-book makes it possible for our customers to read the book easily, e.g. on a tablet. A printed book is still a much-needed tool, for example on construction sites. With Indox, an e-book and a printable PDF are created in one… Read More »Sähköinfo Oy

  • Rakennustieto

    Rakennustieto Oy uses the Indox cloud service for the production and distribution of Rakenstonimen Yleiket Laatutäsämeet (RYL) publications, such as InfraRYL. RYL is a series of publications that define criteria to be implemented in Finland for construction materials, construction work and finished construction parts. There are currently a total of five electronic RYL publications and they are updated annually. "Rakennustieto and Index IT have collaborated for over ten years on RYL publications. Structured content and its… Read More »Rakennustieto

  • Kansaneläkelaitos

    Index IT has provided Kela's information system for benefit administrative guidelines. Benefit administrative guidelines are one of Kela's largest and most versatile guidelines, which serves as a key tool in Kela's benefits solution and customer service work. Read More »Kansaneläkelaitos

  • DRA Consulting

    DRA chose Index Information Technologies Oy as its technology and software supplier. DRA Variator® is based on the Indox cloud service developed by Index IT. The software combines DRA's innovations with Index IT's strong experience in demanding software implementations. Read More »DRA Consulting

  • Valtiovarainministeriö

    Affecto and Index IT jointly provided the Ministry of Finance's new budget information system. The role of the Index as an XML expert in the project is essential. Read More »Ministry of Finance

  • Fimea

    Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea maintains and promotes the safe use of medicines, healthcare equipment and supplies, and blood products. It is also responsible for publishing up-to-date information on medicinal products. Fimea chose Indox as its XML publishing system and OpenText Content Server as its knowledge management system. Read More »Fimea

  • Trimble

    Software company Tekla Plc entered the DITA era of documentation for its building information modeling software. At the core of the new production system are MS SQL Server and Index IT's Indox DITA XML Content Manager. Read More »Trimble

  • Finnair

    The manuals required for Finnair's aircraft maintenance operations have been produced and processed in structured SGML format for years and managed with the Livelink system. Read More »Finnair