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Kela (Finnish social security institution) chose Indox as information system for benefit administrative guidelines.

The functionalities of Indox

Indox is a browser-based software application for producing, managing, and distributing large XML document masses.

The system’s modern component-based architecture enables content reuse, making it easier to manage change. Composing and publishing content in various formats, such as PDF and HTML, is automated and can be used to produce product-specific variations without additional manual work. According to the group of readers, the documentation can be targeted to, for example, internal and public versions of the organization. Work processes can be controlled with customizable workflows.

If the material is already in XML format, it can be imported into the system with the Import tool, while the Word2DITA tool facilitates the conversion of Word material into a structured XML format.

All you need is a browser and an internet connection The Indox database runs on Microsoft's Azure cloud service. You can connect to the system anywhere, after which all the functions of the system, from editing content to publishing, are available to you. Indox can also be installed on the organisation's own network and equip the operating environment with the level of security required by it, for example for VPN connections.
The change will be updated throughout the material. Content production is based on structured documentation. The content of the information is structured and processed into appropriately sized pieces that are combined into larger entities. When you make a change to a piece of content, the change is automatically updated to all entities of which the piece is a part. Dividing content into pieces also allows multiple authors to produce content simultaneously so that text and images stay up-to-date everywhere.
Work processes are controlled by workflows, Indox has ready-made workflows for commenting and approval procedures. Commenting is conveniently done in the preview view. The workflow is associated with email notifications. If necessary, the workflow can lock the items that belong to it, so that the content cannot be changed before the workflow ends. The history of the workflow steps remains in the system. Workflows can be customized to the user's company's own needs.
The Indox system relies on open standards. The Indox database is XML-based and the structure of documents and document sets complies with the DITA standard. DITA enables the decomposition of information into small, easy-to-maintain pieces that can be flexibly combined with each other for different uses.
In Indox, the author focuses on the content and the layout is created automatically. Each element has a context-sensitive layout defined. When the contents of a piece are printed as a PDF, for example, its hierarchical structure gets new layout rules tied to the paper size. When it is published online, the content is modified to suit its requirements, possibly even being cut into smaller entities between which a link is created.
Manage the translation process with workflows. Indox supports language versions in a controlled manner. One main language is written in the system. Indox knows which pieces require translation and sends only those for translation. This minimizes translation needs and reduces costs. The side languages are returned to the system at the end of the translation job.