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Index IT has provided Kela's (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) information system for benefit administrative guidelines. Benefit administrative guidelines are one of Kela's largest and most versatile guidelines, which serves as a key tool in Kela's benefits solution and customer service work. It helps to ensure the consistency and correctness of the service received by the customer.

The information system is a browser-based XML solution Indox, based on the DITA model (Darwin Information Typing Architecture). “The component-based architecture makes it easier to reuse the content and manage change. The compilation and publication of guidelines in various formats, such as PDF, is automated, ”says Martti Poutanen, Index's information architect. Content authors only need a browser to view and edit the guidelines. The system has been updated in 2022 regarding the XML editor integrated into it, which was updated to the Oxygen XML WebAuthor editor.