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Index Information Technologies Oy is a Finnish company specialized in building professional content creation and knowledge management systems. The company has an exhaustive competence and proven know-how in developing demanding documentation and publishing systems and utilizing knowledge management in streamlining business processes.

Index IT is committed to a long-term co-operation with its customers. Index IT devotes its knowledge, skills, experience and the best tools available to projects collaborating closely with its customers.

Index has built a large number of solutions for different kinds of companies and public sector organizations for making their information production, its management and delivery more effective. Most of the systems are utilizing XML standard for rationalising processing of information. These solutions are used in production of e.g. The Finnish Law and the Government Budget, which are published both in paper and in electronic formats.

Index has also built knowledge management systems for managing large amounts of documents, streamlining complex workflows, supporting collaboration in decentralized project environments and creating enterprise level knowledge base. These systems are used by Finnair Oyj and National Agency of Medicine.

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